Part # GTLP6C817 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: GTLP6C817 Low Drive GTLP LVTTL 1:6 Clock Driver

Part Details:

GTLP6C817 June 1999 Revised December 2000 GTLP6C817 Low Low Drive GTLP/LVTTL 1:6 Clock Driver Dr General Description Features ive The GTLP6C817 is a low drive clock driver that provides s Interface between LVTTL and GTLP logic levels GTLP/L TTL to GTLP signal level translation (and vice versa). The s Designed with edge rate control circuitry to reduce out- device provides a high speed interface between cards put noise on the GTLP port operating at TTL logic levels and a backplane operating at s V GTLP logic levels. High speed backplane operation is a REF pin provides external supply reference voltage for direct result of GTLP s reduced output swing (<1V), receiver threshold adjustibility VTTL reduced input threshold levels and output edge rate con- s Special PVT compensation circuitry to provide consis- trol. The edge rate control minimizes bus settling time. tent performance over variations of process, supply volt- GTLP is a Fairchild Semiconductor derivative of the age and temperature 1: Gunning Transceiver logic (GTL) JEDEC standard s TTL compatible driver and control inputs JESD8-3. 6 Cl s Designed using Fairchild advanced CMOS technology Fairchild s GTLP has internal edge-rate control and is pro- s Bushold data inputs on A port to eliminate the need for cess, voltage, and temperature (PVT) compensated. Its ock Dr external pull-up resistors for unused inputs function is similar to BTL and GTL but with different output s Power up/down and power off high impedance for live levels and receiver threshold. GTLP output LOW level is insertion typically less than 0.5V, the output level HIGH is 1.5V andthe receiver threshold is 1.0V. s 5V over voltage tolerance on LVTTL ports iver s Open drain on GTLP to support wired-or connections A Port source/sink -12mA/+12mAs B Port sink +40mAs 1:6 fanout clock driver for TTL ports 1:2 fanout clock driver for GTLP port Ordering Code: Order Number Package Number Package Description GTLP6C817MTC

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