Part # STGY50NC60W datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-channel 600V - 65A - Max247 - Ultra fast switching PowerMESH IGB

Part Details:

STGY50NC60WD N-channel 600V - 65A - Max247 Ultra fast switching PowerMESHTM IGBT Features V I Type V CE(sat) C CES (max)@25°C @100°C STGY50NC60WD 600V < 2.5V 65A Very high frequency operation 3 Low CRES / CIES ratio (no cross-conduction 2 1 susceptibility) Very soft ultra fast recovery antiparallel diode Max247 Description Using the latest high voltage technology based on a patented strip layout, STMicroelectronics has designed an advanced family of IGBTs, the Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram PowerMESHTM IGBTs, with outstanding performances. The suffix "W" identifies a family optimized for very high frequency applications. Applications Very high frequency inverters, UPS HF, SMPS and PFC in both hard switch and resonant topologies Motor drivers Welding Table 1. Device summary Order code Marking Package Packaging STGY50NC60WD GY50NC60WD Max247 Tube July 2007 Rev 3 1/14 14 Contents STGY50NC60WD

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STGY50NC60W.pdf Datasheet