Part # AVR32UC3 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Atmel


Part Description: AVR32UC3 USB DFU Bootloader

Part Details:

Features· USB Protocol ­ Based on the USB Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Class­ Autobaud (AT32UC3xxxxx 8-, 12- and 16-MHz Crystal on Osc0) · In-System Programming (ISP) ­ Configurable I/O Start Conditions (default is pressing the joystick on EVK1100 and EVK1101) Protected by 8-Bit CRC ­ Can Be Forced by the General-Purpose Fuses­ Read/Write Flash on-Chip Memories­ Read Device ID­ Full-Chip Erase AVR®32 32-bit ­ Start Application Command Microcontroller AVR32 UC3 USB DFU Bootloader 7745A­AVR32­07/07 1 1. Description AT32UC3 devices are shipped with a USB bootloader. This USB bootloader allows to perform In-System Programming (ISP) from a USB hostcontroller without removing the part from the system, without a pre-programmed appli-cation and without any external programming interface other than USB. There is one bootloader compiled for each AT32UC3x family. The hardware I/O condi-tions used to request the start of the ISP are also specific to each family. This document describes the USB bootloader functionalities and its usage in variouscontexts. 2. Related Parts This documentation applies to the following AT32UC3 parts: · AT32UC3A0512 · AT32UC3A0256 · AT32UC3A0128 · AT32UC3A1512 · AT32UC3A1256 · AT32UC3A1128 · AT32UC3B0256 · AT32UC3B0128 · AT32UC3B064 · AT32UC3B1256 · AT32UC3B1128 · AT32UC3B164 The bootloader is compiled for each AT32UC3x family (AT32UC3A, AT32UC3B)because of differences in the MCU peripheral memory map. The functionalities are thesame between families. 3. Related Items · AT32UC3A Series Datasheet: · AT32UC3B Series Datasheet: · AVR32 UC3 Software Framework:

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