Part # LM2746 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2746 Low Voltage N-Channel MOSFET Synchronous Buck Regulator Controller

Part Details:

LM2746 May 2005 Low LM2746Low Voltage N-Channel MOSFET Synchronous Buck Voltage Regulator ControllerGeneral Description Features The LM2746 is a high-speed synchronous buck regulator n Power stage input voltage from 1V to 16V N-Channel controller with a feedback voltage accuracy of ±1%. It can n Control stage input voltage from 3V to 5.5V provide simple down conversion to output voltages as low as n Output voltage adjustable down to 0.6V 0.6V. Though the control sections of the IC are rated for 3 to n Power good flag and shutdown 5.5V, the driver sections are designed to accept input supply n Output overvoltage and undervoltage detection rails as high as 16V. The use of non-overlapping MOSFET n ±1% feedback voltage accuracy over temperature gate drivers helps avoid potential shoot-through problemswhile maintaining high efficiency. The IC is designed for the n Low-side adjustable current sensing more cost-effective option of driving only N-channel MOS- n Adjustable soft-start MOSFET FETs in both the high-side and low-side positions. It senses n Tracking and sequencing with shutdown and soft start the low-side switch voltage drop for providing a simple, pins adjustable current limit. n Switching frequency from 50 kHz to 1 MHz The fixed-frequency voltage-mode PWM control architecture n Exposed pad TSSOP-14 package is adjustable from 50 kHz to 1 MHz with one external resis-tor. This wide range of switching frequency gives the power Applications Synchronous supply designer the flexibility to make better tradeoffs be- n Cable Modem, DSL and ADSL tween component size, cost and efficiency. n Laser Jet and Ink Jet Printers Features include soft-start, input undervoltage lockout n Low Voltage Power Modules (UVLO) and Power Good (based on both undervoltage and n DSP, ASIC, Core and I/O overvoltage detection). In addition, the shutdown pin of theIC can be used for providing startup delay, and the soft-startpin can be used for implementing precise tracking, for thepurpose of sequencing with respect to an external rail. Buck Typical Application Regulator Controller 20147701 © 2005 National Semiconductor Corporation DS201477 Connection Diagram

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