Part # AD8159 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8153 (Rev. B)

Part Details:

3.2 Gbps Quad Buffer Mux/Demux AD8159 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Port level 2:1 mux/1:2 demux RECEIVE TRANSMIT I/O Each port consists of 4 lanes EQUALIZATION PRE- CROSS- EMPHASIS OVER SWITCH Ix_A[3:0] EQ Each lane runs from dc to 3.2 Gbps, independent of the other Ox_C[3:0]/ lanes 2:1 Ix_C[3:0] Compensates over 40 inches of FR4 at 3.2 Gbps through Ix_B[3:0] EQ 2 levels of input equalization or 4 levels of output pre-emphasis Ox_A[3:0] Accepts ac- or dc-coupled differential CML inputs 1:2 Ix_C[3:0]/ EQ Ox_C[3:0] Low deterministic jitter, typically 20 ps p-p Ox_B[3:0] Low random jitter, typically 1 ps rms TRANSMIT QUAD RECEIVE BER < 10-16 PRE- 2:1 EQUALIZATION LB_A EMPHASIS MULTIPLEXER/ LB_B 1:2 LB_C On-chip termination DEMULTIPLEXER PE_A[1:0]PE_B[1:0] Reversible inputs and outputs on one port

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AD8159.pdf Datasheet