Part # Application Note Power Supply And Power Management TSM101 AN1283 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: A battery charger using the TSM101

Part Details:

AN1283 APPLICATION NOTE A BATTERY CHARGER USING TSM101 by S. LAFFONT and R. LIOU This technical note shows how to use the TSM101 A current limitation is used to protect the p ower integrated circuit with a switching mode power supply against short circuits, but lacks precision. supply (SMPS) to realize a battery charger. This limitation is generally realized by sensing the An example of realization of a 12V current of the power transistor, in the primary side Nickel-Cadmium battery charger is given. of the SMPS.The role of the TSM101 is to make a fine 1 - TSM101 PRESENTATION regulation of the output current of the SMPS and a The TSM101 integrated circuit incorporates a high precise voltage limitation. stability series band gap voltage reference, two The primary current limitation is conserved and ORed operational amplifiers and a current source acts as a security for a fail-safe operation if a (Figure 1). short-circuit occurs at the output of the charger. Figure 1 : TSM101 Schematic Diagram 2 - PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION The current regulation loop and the voltage 1.24V VREF VCC limitation loop use an internal 1.24V band-gap 1 8 voltage reference. This voltage reference has agood precision (better than 1.5%) and exhibits avery stable temperature behavior. CSEN + - VRIN 2 7 1.4mA The current limitation is performed by sensing thevoltage across the low ohmic value resistor R5 and comparing it to a fixed value set by the bridge CRREF OUT composed by R 3 6 2 and R3 (Figure 3). When the voltage on R5 is higher than the voltage on R3 the output of the current loop operational GND CRIN

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