Part # MAX2037 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX2037

Part Details:

19-0586; Rev 0; 10/06 Ultrasound Variable-Gain Amplifier MAX2037 General Description Features The MAX2037 8-channel variable-gain amplifier (VGA) 8-Channel Configuration is designed for high linearity, high dynamic range, and High Integration for Ultrasound Imaging low-noise performance targeting ultrasound imagingand Doppler applications. Each amplifier features dif- Applications ferential inputs and outputs and a total gain range of Pin Compatible with the MAX2038 Ultrasound typically 42dB. In addition, the VGAs offer very low out- VGA Plus CW Doppler Beamformer put-referred noise performance suitable for interfacing Maximum Gain, Gain Range, and Output-Referred with 12-bit ADCs. Noise Optimized for Interfacing with 12-Bit ADCs The MAX2037 VGA is optimized for less than ±0.25dB Maximum Gain of 29.5dB absolute gain error to ensure minimal channel-to-chan- Total Gain Range of 42dB nel ultrasound beamforming focus error. The device sdifferential outputs are designed to directly drive ultra- 22nV/Hz Ultra-Low Output-Referred Noise at sound ADCs through an external passive anti-aliasing 5MHz filter. A switchable clamp is also provided at each ampli- Pin-for-Pin 10-Bit Compatibility Supported By fier s outputs to limit the output signals, thereby prevent- MAX2035/MAX2036 ing ADC overdrive or saturation. ±0.25dB Absolute Gain Error Dynamic performance of the device is optimized to Switchable Output VGA Clamp Eliminating ADC reduce distortion to support second-harmonic imaging. Overdrive The device achieves a second-harmonic distortion Fully Differential VGA Outputs for Direct ADC specification of -70dBc at VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = Drive 5MHz, and an ultrasound-specific* two-tone third-orderintermodulation distortion specification of -52dBc at Variable Gain Range Achieves 42dB Dynamic VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = 5MHz. Range The MAX2037 operates from a +5.0V power supply, -70dBc HD2 at VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = 5MHz consuming only 120mW/channel. The device is avail- Two-Tone Ultrasound-Specific* IMD3 of -52dBc at able in a 100-pin TQFP package with an exposed pad- VOUT = 1.5VP-P and fIN = 5MHz dle. Electrical performance is guaranteed over a 0°C to 120mW Consumption Per Channel +70°C temperature range. Applications

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