Part # LM109JAN datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM109JAN 5-Volt Regulator

Part Details:

LM109JAN November 2005 LM109JAN 5-V 5-Volt Regulator olt General Description does improve transient response somewhat. Input bypass-ing is needed, however, if the regulator is located very far The LM109 series are complete 5V regulators fabricated on Regulator from the filter capacitor of the power supply. Stability is also a single silicon chip. They are designed for local regulation achieved by methods that provide very good rejection of load on digital logic cards, eliminating the distribution problems or line transients as are usually seen with TTL logic. association with single-point regulation. The devices are Although designed primarily as a fixed-voltage regulator, the available in two standard transistor packages. In the solid- output of the LM109 series can be set to voltages above 5V, kovar TO-5 header, it can deliver output currents in excess of as shown. It is also possible to use the circuits as the control 200 mA, if adequate heat sinking is provided. With the TO-3 element in precision regulators, taking advantage of the power package, the available output current is greater than good current-handling capability and the thermal overload 1A. protection. The regulators are essentially blowout proof. Current limitingis included to limit the peak output current to a safe value. In Features addition, thermal shutdown is provided to keep the IC fromoverheating. If internal dissipation becomes too great, the n Specified to be compatible, worst case, with TTL and regulator will shut down to prevent excessive heating. DTL Considerable effort was expended to make these devices n Output current in excess of 1A easy to use and to minimize the number of external compo- n Internal thermal overload protection nents. It is not necessary to bypass the output, although this n No external components required Ordering Information NS Part Number JAN Part Number NS Package Number Package Description JL109BXA JM38510/10701BXA H03A 3LD Metal Can JL109BYA JM38510/10701BYA K02C 2LD T0­3 Metal Can Connection Diagrams Metal Can Packages 20154933

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