Part # AD7677 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7677 16-Bit 1 LSB INL 1 MSPS Differential ADC Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

a 16-Bit, 1 LSB INL, 1 MSPS Differential ADC AD7677* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Throughput: 1 MSPS AVDD AGND REF REFGND DVDD DGND INL: 1 LSB Max ( 0.0015% of Full Scale)16 Bits Resolution with No Missing Codes OVDD S/(N+D): 94 dB Typ @ 45 kHz AD7677 OGND THD: ­110 dB Typ @ 45 kHz SERIAL Differential Input Range: 2.5 V PORT IN+ SWITCHED SER/PAR Both AC and DC Specifications IN­ CAP DAC No Pipeline Delay BUSY 16 Parallel (8 Bits/16 Bits) and Serial 5 V/3 V Interface DATA[15:0] Single 5 V Supply Operation CLOCK PARALLEL CS INTERFACE PD 115 mW Typical Power Dissipation, 15 W @ 100 SPS CONTROL LOGIC AND RD RESET CALIBRATION CIRCUITRY Power-Down Mode: 7 W Max OB/2C Packages: 48-Lead Quad Flatpack (LQFP) BYTESWAP 48-Lead Frame Chip Scale (LFCSP) WARP IMPULSE Pin-to-Pin Compatible Upgrade of the AD7664/AD7675/ CNVST AD7676 APPLICATIONS PulSAR Selection CT Scanners Type/kSPS

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AD7677.pdf Datasheet