Part # Brief ST7MDT25-T64DVP datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: QFP64 (14x14) connection kit for ST7MDT25-DVP3

Part Details:

ST7MDT25-T64/DVP TQFP64 (14x14) Connection Kit for ST7MDT25-DVP3 DATA BRIEF The TQFP64 (14x14) Connection Kit (ST7 Figure 2. TQFP64 device adapter (DB543) MDT25-T64/DVP) provides the hardware youneed to connect your ST7MDT25-DVP3 emulatorto your application when debugging applicationsfor ST7 microcontrollers in the TQFP64 (14x14)package. Connection Kit Contents TQFP64/44 adapter (DB612) ­ Allows the connection of your ST7MDT25-DVP3 emulator to your application board in place of your ST7. TQFP64 (14x14) device adapter (DB543) ­ Adapts the emulator connection to the package of your ST7. Figure 3. Connection to application board CAB TQFP64 (14x14) socket and cover (CAB 3303262 and CAB 3303307) ­ solders to your application board to allow connection of the emulator or installation of your ST7. The two 50-pin flat cables for connection between Orientation Indicators the emulator and the adapter are provided with 3. Plug flat cables into the your ST7MDT25-DVP3 emulator. corresponding connectors J1 and J2 on the adapter For more information... ST7-DVP3 User Manual ­ Information common to all DVP3 series emulators 4. Plug the W1 and W2 connectors on the adapter ST7MDT25-DVP3 Probe User Guide ­ into the corresponding connectors on the device Information specific to ST7MDT25-DVP3 adapter. Pin 1 Indicators Figure 1. TQFP64/44 adapter (DB612) 2. Align pin 1 indicators, then secure the device adapter to the socket. 1. Solder socket to application board. Rev 1 September 2005 1/3 3 ST7MDT25-T64/DVP Revision history Date Revision Changes 13-Sep-2005 1 Initial release. 2/3

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Brief ST7MDT25-T64DVP.pdf Datasheet