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ST Microelectronics


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STLVDS104 4-port lvds and 4-port TTL-to LVDS repeaters Feature summary I Receiver and drivers meet or exceed the requirements of ansi eia/tia-644 standard, receivers differential input levels, ±100mV I Designed for signaling rates up to 630mbps I Operates from a single 3.3V supply I Low voltage differential signaling with typical output voltage of 350mV and a 100 load TSSOP I Propagation delay time: 3.1ns (typ) I Electrically compatible with LVDS, PECL, LVPECL, LVTTL, LVCOMOS, GTL, BTL, CTT, SSTL, or HSTL outputs with external network I Bus terminal ESD (HBM) exceeds 7kV I TSSOP package noise coupling, and switching speed to transmit Description data at a speed up to 630Mbps at relatively long distances. The STLVDS104 is a differential line receiver and The drivers integrated into the same substrate, a LVTTL input connected to four differential line along with the low pulse skew of balanced drivers that implement the electrical signaling, allow extremely precise timing characteristics of low voltage differential alignment of the signals repeated from the input. signaling, for point to point baseband data transmission over controlled impedance media of The device allows extremely precise timing approximately 100. The transmission media can alignment of the signal repeated from the input. be printed-circuit board traces, backplanes, or This is particularly advantageous in distribution or cable. expansion of signals such as clock or serial data stream. LVDS, as specified in EIA/TIA-644 is a data signaling technique that offers low-power, low . Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) Order codes Temperature Type Package Comments Range STLVDS104BTR -40 to 85 °C TSSOP16 (Tape & Reel) 2500 parts per reel March 2006 Rev. 5 1/12 12 STLVDS104 Contents

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