Part # FS8S0965RCB datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: FS8S0965RCB Fairchild Power Switch (FPS)

Part Details: FS8S0965RCB Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) Features Description · Burst Mode Operation to Reduce the Power Consumption FS8S0965RCB is a Fairchild Power Switch (FPS) that is in the Standby Mode specially designed for off-line SMPS of CRT monitor with · External pin for Synchronization and Soft Start minimal external components. This device is a current mode · Wide Operating Frequency Range up to 150kHz PWM controller combined with a high voltage power · Low Start-up Current (Max:80uA) SenseFET in a single package. The PWM controller features · Low Operating Current (Max:15mA) integrated oscillator to be synchronized with the external · Pulse by Pulse Current Limiting sync signal, under voltage lockout, optimized gate driver and · Over Voltage Protection (Auto Restart Mode) temperature compensated precise current sources for the · Over Load Protection (Auto Restart Mode) loop compensation. This device also includes various fault · Abnormal Over Current Protection (Auto Restart Mode) protection circuits such as over voltage protection, over load · Internal Thermal Shutdown (Auto Restart Mode) protection, abnormal over current protection and over tem- · Under Voltage Lockout perature protection. Compared with discrete MOSFET and · Internal High Voltage SenseFET PWM controller solution, FPS can reduce total cost, compo-nent count, size and weight simultaneously increasing effi- Application ciency, productivity and system reliability. This device is wellsuited for the cost effective monitor power supply. · Monitor SMPS TO-220-5L 1 1. Drain 2. GND 3. VCC 4. Feedback 5. Sync Internal Block Diagram Vcc Drain 3 1 Vref Vcc good Vref 5 Burst Mode Detector Soft start Vfb<=1V Burst Mode & Sync Vss>3V Controller 9V/15V No sync

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