Part # ADSP-2171 AD2173 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADSP-2171/ADSP-2172/ADSP-2173 DSP Microprocessor

Part Details:

a DSP Microcomputer ADSP-2171/ADSP-2172/ADSP-2173 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 30 ns Instruction Cycle Time (33 MIPS) from 16.67 MHz Crystal at 5.0 V PROGRAM POWERDOWN MEMORY ROM CONTROL 50 ns Instruction Cycle Time (20 MIPS) from 10 MHz LOGIC DATA 8K x 24 Crystal at 3.3 V ADDRESS PROGRAM PROGRAM DATA GENERATORS FLAGS SEQUENCER RAM MEMORY ADSP-2100 Family Code & Function Compatible with DAG 1 DAG 2 2K x 24 2K x 16 EXTERNAL New Instruction Set Enhancements for Bit Manipula- ADDRESS tion Instructions, Multiplication Instructions, Biased BUS PROGRAM MEMORY ADDRESS Rounding, and Global Interrupt Masking DATA MEMORY ADDRESS Bus Grant Hang Logic PROGRAM MEMORY DATA 2K Words of On-Chip Program Memory RAM2K Words of On-Chip Data Memory RAM DATA MEMORY DATA EXTERNAL 8K Words of On-Chip Program Memory ROM DATA (ADSP-2172) BUS ARITHMETIC UNITS TIMER SERIAL PORTS HOST ALU MAC SHIFTER

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ADSP-2171 AD2173.pdf Datasheet