Part # AD71028 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD71028 Dual Digital BTSC Encoder with Integrated DAC Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

Dual Digital BTSC Encoder with Integrated DAC AD71028 FEATURES PRODUCT OVERVIEW 2 complete independent BTSC encoders The AD71028 dual digital BTSC encoder provides two complete Pilot tone generator digital BTSC encoder channels, including the pilot-tone Includes subcarrier modulation generation and subcarrier mixing functions. Two built-in high Typical 23 dB to 27 dB separation, 16 dB minimum performance DACs are provided to output the BTSC baseband Signal bandwidth of 14 kHz composite signal. The output of the AD71028 can be connected Phat-StereoTM algorithm for stereo image enhancement with minimal external circuitry to the input of a 4.5 MHz aural Dialog enhancement function for playing wide dynamic FM modulator. range video sources over built-in TV speakers Includes L-R dual-band compressor In addition to the BTSC encoders, the AD71028 also includes a SPI® port for control of modes and effects stereo image enhancement function, Phat Stereo, to increase the Differential output for optimum performance sense of spaciousness available from closely spaced TV DAC performance: 92 dB dynamic range, ­92 dB THD+N loudspeakers. A dialog enhancement algorithm is also included Output level control for setting aural carrier deviation to solve the problem of playing wide dynamic range sources Flexible serial data port with right-justified, left-justified, over limited-performance TV speakers and amplifiers. An I2S compatible, and DSP serial port modes extensive SPI port allows click-free parameter updates. 48-lead LQFP plastic package The AD71028 also includes ADI s patented multibit - DAC architecture. This architecture provides 92 dB SNR and THD+N APPLICATIONS of ­92 dB. Digital set-top box BTSC encoder FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM SERIAL 3 INPUT A SERIAL INPUT BTSC PLL DIVIDERS ENCODER CORE A CLOCK

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