Part # Brief ST7-DVP3 AS-DIP-SO AS-TQFP44 AS-TQFP64 AS-TQFP80 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Low cost, real time emulator series for ST7

Part Details:

® ST7-DVP3 Low Cost, Real Time Emulator Series for ST7 DATA BRIEF The ST7-DVP3 series emulator is the third generation of low cost emulators, providing Parallel Cable powerful, affordable development solutions that USB Cable included everything you need for real-time emulation, In-Circuit Debugging (ICD) and In- Power Supply Circuit Programming (ICP) of your ST7 microcontroller. In combination with ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) and ST7 Visual Programmer (STVP7), the DVP3 series emulators allow you to build and debug your application, then program it to the ST7 on your application board. STVD7 and STVP7 are free software tools developed by ST Microelectronics. The ST7-DVP3 series emulators offer start-to-finish control of application development by providing both emulation and In-Circuit Communication (ICC) 10-pin ICC Cable configurations from a single platform. In the emulation configuration, the DVP3 emulator and STVD7 software allow you to debug your program while connected to your application board in place of your target ST7. Device Adapters The ICC configuration allows you to In-Circuit Debug (ICD) your application while it runs on the Figure 1: ST7-DVP3 Emulator ST7 on your application board, and to In-Circuit Program (ICP) your ST7 microcontrollers. Target Emulation Board ­ Allows the system to Emulator Architecture emulate a specific family of ST7 devices. It connects to your application board via the adapters For affordability and flexibility, the DVP3 series and sockets furnished in Connection kits, which are emulators have a modular design based on a specific to the package of the target device. common Main Emulation Board and ST7 family-specific Target Emulation Boards. Connection Kits ­ Provide the package-specific adapters and sockets/connectors that allow Main Emulation Board ­ Provides the connection to your application board in place of the communication interface with the host PC via target ST7. parallel or USB connection when working in both the Emulation and ICC configurations. Any Main ST7 Visual Develop ­ Integrated development Emulation Board for the DVP3 series can be environment (IDE) that runs on the host PC adapted to emulate a supported ST7 with the connected to the emulator and allows you to build appropriate Target Emulation Board and and debug your application software and then Connection kit. This board also includes the program it to your target ST7. system s ICC connection, which allows you to ST7 Visual Programmer ­ Software programming connect to the ST7 on your application board via a interface that runs on the host PC connected to the 10-pin ICC cable and an ICC connector that you emulator and allows you to program the application install on your application board. to your ST7. February 2005 Version 1.0 1/3

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Brief ST7-DVP3 AS-DIP-SO AS-TQFP44 AS-TQFP64 AS-TQFP80.pdf Datasheet