Part # LM64 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM64 ±1°C Remote Diode Temperature Sensor with PWM Fan Control and 5 GPIO s

Part Details:

LM64 December 2003 ±1°C LM64 Remote ±1°C Remote Diode Temperature Sensor with PWM Fan Control and 5 GPIO sGeneral Description Key Specifications Diode The LM64 is a remote diode temperature sensor with PWM n Remote Diode Temperature Accuracy (includes fan control. The LM64 accurately measures its own tempera- quantization error) ture and that of a remote diode. The LM64 remote tempera- Ambient Temp Diode Temp Max Error ture accuracy is factory trimmed for a MMBT3904 diode-connected transistor with a 16°C offset for high 30°C to 50°C 120°C to 140°C ±1.0°C (max) T temperatures. T = T + 16°C emperature ACTUAL DIODE JUNCTION LM64 0°C to 85°C 25°C to 140°C ±3.0°C (max) The LM64 features a PWM, open-drain, fan control output, 5 n Local Temp Accuracy (includes quantization error) GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) and 5 GPD (GeneralPurpose Default) pins. The 8-step Lookup Table allows for a Ambient Temp Max Error non-linear fan speed vs. temperature transfer function often 25°C to 125°C ±3.0°C (max) used to quiet acoustic fan noise. n Power Supply Requirements Features Supply DC Voltage 3.0 V to 3.6 V Sensor n Accurately senses remote and local diode temperatures Supply DC Current 1.1 mA (typ)

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LM64.pdf Datasheet