Part # TDA7476 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Car radio diagnostic processor

Part Details:

TDA7476 CAR RADIO DIAGNOSTIC PROCESSOR s WIDE OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGEs ST-BY FUNCTION (C-MOS) MULTIPOWER BCD TECHNOLOGY s LOW QUIESCENT ST-BY CURRENT CONSUMPTION s I2C BUS INTERFACE WITH 2 EXTERNALLY SELECTABLE ADDRESSES s UP TO 5 BTL EQUIVALENT INPUTS FOR FAULT DETECTION IN THE AUDIO CHANNELS SO-24 - short to GND ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7476 - short to Vs- short across the load (at turn-on)- open load (at turn-on) s 2 AUX INPUTS FOR FAULT DETECTION IN THE ANTENNA AND BOOSTERS SUPPLY LINE- short to GND- open load DESCRIPTION s WARNING PIN FUNCTION (interrupt facility) The car radio diagnostic processor is an interface ACTIVATED IN THE FOLLOWING chip in BCD Technology intended for car radio appli- CONDITION: cations. It is able to detect potential faults coming - audio channel shorted to VS from any misconnection in the car radio or in the har- - audio channel shorted to GND- aux input shorted to GND ness when installing the set. s NOISE FREE DIAGNOSTICS OPERATION The device is able to reveal any fault in the loud- s PROTECTORS speaker lines and in the antenna and booster supply s LOAD DUMP VOLTAGE lines, providing a proper output signal (I2C bus com- s OPEN GND patible) in order to disable the ICs under fault and/or s REVERSED BATTERY to alert the micro-controller by means of warning s ESD messages. PIN CONNECTION (Top view) GND 1 24 CH5- SDA 2 23 CH5+ SCL 3 22 CH4+ ADD 4 21

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TDA7476.pdf Datasheet