Part # AD8383 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD8383 Low Cost 10-Bit 6-Channel Output Decimating LCD DecDriver Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

Low Cost 10-Bit, 6-Channel Output Decimating LCD DecDriver® AD8383 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM High voltage drive to within 1.3 V of supply rails Output short-circuit protection 10 10 10 10 DB(0:9) 2-STAGE DAC VID0 High update rates LATCH Fast, 100 Ms/s, 10-bit input data update rate AD8383 10 2-STAGE 10 DAC VID1 Low static power dissipation: 0.7 W LATCH Includes STBY function 10 2-STAGE 10 DAC VID2 Voltage-controlled video reference (brightness) and STBY LATCH BIAS full-scale (contrast) output levels BYP 10 2-STAGE 10 DAC INV bit reverses polarity of video signal VID3 LATCH 3.3 V logic, 9 V to 18 V analog supplies 10 2-STAGE 10 DAC High accuracy voltage outputs VID4 R/L LATCH Laser trimming eliminates the need for adjustments E/O 10 2-STAGE 10 Flexible logic DAC VID5 CLK LATCH

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AD8383.pdf Datasheet