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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7730/7730L Data Sheet

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a Bridge Transducer ADC AD7730/AD7730L KEY FEATURES The modulator output is processed by a low pass programmable Resolution of 230,000 Counts (Peak-to-Peak) digital filter, allowing adjustment of filter cutoff, output rate and Offset Drift: 5 nV/ C settling time. Gain Drift: 2 ppm/ C The part features two buffered differential programmable gain Line Frequency Rejection: >150 dB analog inputs as well as a differential reference input. The part Buffered Differential Inputs operates from a single +5 V supply. It accepts four unipolar Programmable Filter Cutoffs analog input ranges: 0 mV to +10 mV, +20 mV, +40 mV and Specified for Drift Over Time +80 mV and four bipolar ranges: ± 10 mV, ± 20 mV, ± 40 mV Operates with Reference Voltages of 1 V to 5 V and ± 80 mV. The peak-to-peak resolution achievable directlyfrom the part is 1 in 230,000 counts. An on-chip 6-bit DAC ADDITIONAL FEATURES allows the removal of TARE voltages. Clock signals for synchro- Two-Channel Programmable Gain Front End nizing ac excitation of the bridge are also provided. On-Chip DAC for Offset/TARE RemovalFASTStepTM Mode The serial interface on the part can be configured for three-wire AC or DC Excitation operation and is compatible with microcontrollers and digital Single Supply Operation signal processors. The AD7730 contains self-calibration andsystem calibration options, and features an offset drift of less APPLICATIONS than 5 nV/°C and a gain drift of less than 2 ppm/°C. Weigh ScalesPressure Measurement The AD7730 is available in a 24-pin plastic DIP, a 24-leadSOIC and 24-lead TSSOP package. The AD7730L is availablein a 24-lead SOIC and 24-lead TSSOP package. GENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe AD7730 is a complete analog front end for weigh-scale and NOTE pressure measurement applications. The device accepts low- The description of the functions and operation given in this data level signals directly from a transducer and outputs a serial sheet apply to both the AD7730 and AD7730L. Specifications digital word. The input signal is applied to a proprietary pro- and performance parameters differ for the parts. Specifications grammable gain front end based around an analog modulator. for the AD7730L are outlined in Appendix A. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM AVDD DVDD REF IN(­) REF IN(+) REFERENCE DETECT AD7730 VBIAS AVDD AIN1(+) STANDBY

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