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Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

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FAN5333A/F August 2005 FAN5333A/FAN5333B AN5333B High Efficienc High Efficiency, High Current Serial LED Driver with 30V Integrated Switch Features Description 1.5MHz Switching Frequency The FAN5333A/FAN5333B is a general purpose LED driver that Low Noise features fixed frequency mode operation and an integrated FET switch. The device s high output power makes it suitable to drive Adjustable Output Voltage flash LEDs in serial connections. This device is designed to Up to 1.5A Peak Switch Current operate at high switching frequencies in order to minimize 1.5W Output Power Capability switching noise measured at the battery terminal of hand-held y Low Shutdown Current: <1µA communications equipment. Quiescent current in both normal , High Current Serial LED Driver with 30V Integrated Switc Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit and shutdown mode is designed to be minimal in order to extend battery life. Normal or shutdown mode can be selected Low Feedback Voltage by a logic level shutdown circuitry. Over-Voltage Protection Fixed-Frequency PWM Operation The low ON-resistance of the internal N-channel switch ensures high efficiency and low power dissipation. A cycle-by-cycle cur- Internal Compensation rent limit circuit keeps the peak current of the switch below a FAN5333A has 110mV Feedback Voltage typical value of 1.5A. The FAN5333A/FAN5333B is available in FAN5333B has 315mV Feedback Voltage a 5-lead SOT23 package. Thermal Shutdown 5-Lead SOT23 Package Applications Cell Phones PDAs Handheld Equipment Display Bias LED Bias Flash LED Typical Application BAT54 V V L OUT IN CIN 4.7µF 6.8µH to 10µH COUT

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