Part # TDA7462 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: Dual audioprocessor with compander and subwoofer output

Part Details:

TDA7462 ® DUAL AUDIOPROCESSOR WITH COMPANDER AND SUBWOOFER OUTPUT FULLY INTEGRATED AUDIOPROCESSOR 5 STEREO + 1 MONO INPUTSFOUR INDEPENDENT SPEAKER OUTPUTSDYNAMIC COMPRESSION STAGE FOR CDSUBWOOFER OUTPUTSOFTSTEP FEATURE FOR VOLUMEVOICE-BAND FILTERDIRECT MUTE AND SOFTMUTEPAUSE DETECTOR SO28 FULLY PROGRAMMABLE BY I2C BUS IN-TERFACE ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7462D DESCRIPTION optimize audio response of CD sources an addi- The TDA7462 is a high performance audioproc- tional output channel for subwoofer and a sepa- essor with fully integrated audio filters. The digi- rate source selector for rear channel. The use of tal control allows the programming of all filter a dedicated BICMOS process makes signal proc- characteristics in a wide range without the need essing very linear thus achieving low distortion of external components. New innovative features and low noise figures. are included , a dynamic compression stage to BLOCK DIAGRAM CD R+ CD L- CD L+ MUTE 8 6 5 26 VOICE-BANDPASS FRONT 22 7 OUT LF CD R- IN-GAIN + LOUDNESS VOLUME SOFT TREBLE BASS HP LP FADER AUTO ZERO MUTE 9 PDR FRONT 21 10 FRONT OUT RF PDGND

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TDA7462.pdf Datasheet