Part # MAX9500-MAX9501 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX9500 01 DS

Part Details:

19-3779; Rev 4; 1/07 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE Triple-Channel HDTV Filters MAX9500/MAX9501 General Description Features The MAX9500/MAX9501 are fully integrated solutions 30MHz Bandwidth at ±1.5dB for filtering and buffering HDTV signals. The MAX9500 Extremely Sharp Rolloff, Lowpass Filters operates from a single +5V supply, while the MAX9501 -50dB at 44.25MHz operates from dual ±5V supplies. The MAX9500/MAX9501 triple-channel video reconstruction filters are DC-Coupled Inputs; AC- or DC-Coupled Outputs both gain and delay matched and are ideal for use in ±5V Dual Supply (MAX9501) set-top boxes, DVD players, and other equipment that 5V Single Supply (MAX9500) generate analog HDTV outputs. Matched Group Delay and Gain The MAX9500/MAX9501 interface between the current-output, digital-to-analog converters (DAC) of an Drive Single/Double Back-Terminated Loads Advanced Television Standard Committee (ATSC), (150/75) Directly to Ground Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) decoder and the Sink and Source Output Current external connections of a television, set-top box, or High Input Impedance to Interface to Low Output- DVD player. Current DAC The MAX9500/MAX9501 feature a DC-coupled input with 16-Pin QSOP Package very low input capacitance and high resistance. Thehighly selective lowpass filters remove spectral replicasat the output of the DAC. The output amplifier has +6dB Ordering Information of gain to drive 75 back-terminated loads to unity gain.The DC-coupled input eliminates problems such as sync PIN- SUPPLY PKG PART crush, droop, and field tilt. The output load can be DC- or PACKAGE VOLTAGE (V) CODE AC-coupled, depending on the application. MAX9500EEE+ 16 QSOP +5 E16-8F All three channels in the MAX9500/MAX9501 have the MAX9501EEE+ 16 QSOP ±5 E16-8F same frequency response with matched group delay

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