Part # STB20NM50FD STF20NM50D STP20NM50FD datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: N-channel 500 V, 0.22 Ω, 20 A D²PAK, TO-220FP, TO-220 FDmesh™ Power MOSFET (with fast diode)

Part Details:

STB20NM50FD STF20NM50FD - STP20NM50FD N-channel 500 V, 0.22 , 20 A D2PAK, TO-220FP, TO-220 FDmeshTM Power MOSFET (with fast diode) Features R Type V DS(on) DSS R max DS(on)* Qg ID STB20NM50FD 500 V < 0.25 8.36 * nC 20 A STF20NM50FD 500 V < 0.25 8.36 * nC 20 A 3 3 STP20NM50FD 500 V < 0.25 8.36 * nC 20 A 2 2 1 1 TO-220FP TO-220 High dv/dt and avalanche capabilities 3 1 100% avalanche tested D²PAK Low input capacitance and gate charge Low gate input resistance Tight process control and high manufacturing yields Figure 1. Internal schematic diagram Application Switching applications Description The FDmeshTM associates all advantages of reduced on-resistance and fast switching with an intrinsic fast-recovery body diode. It is therefore strongly recommended for bridge topologies, in particular ZVS phase-shift converters. Table 1. Device summary Order codes Marking Package Packaging STB20NM50FD B20NM50FD D²PAK Tape and reel STF20NM50FD

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STB20NM50FD STF20NM50D STP20NM50FD.pdf Datasheet