Part # ADA4417-3 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADA4417-3 Integrated Triple Video Filter for High Definition Video Data Sheet (Rev. 0)

Part Details:

Integrated Triple Video Filter for High Definition Video ADA4417-3 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Optimized for high definition video Sixth-order Butterworth filters -1 dB bandwidth of 38 MHz Y/G IN 44 dB rejection at 75 MHz ×1 ×2 Y/G OUT 36MHz 5 ns group delay variation Fixed throughput gain of ×2 0.06% differential gain Pb/B IN ×1 ×2 Pb/B OUT 0.21° differential phase 36MHz Pin selectable output offset (DCO) Single-supply operation 3.3 V to 5 V range Pr/R IN ×1 ×2 Pr/R OUT 36MHz Rail-to-rail output Output ESD protection exceeds 8 kV DCO Small packaging: 10-lead MSOP ADA4417-3 01 DISABLE 01- 2206 APPLICATIONS Figure 1. Set-top boxes HDTVs Projectors DVD players/recorders Personal video recorders GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ADA4417-3 is a low cost, fully integrated, video The ADA4417-3 also has an output dc offset function that can reconstruction filter specifically designed for consumer high operate in two states. When the DCO pin is tied to VCC, the definition video. With 1 dB frequency flatness out to 38 MHz, video signal at the output is offset by 200 mV. When the DCO and 44 dB of rejection at 75 MHz, the ADA4417-3 can handle pin is tied to ground, the output dc level follows the input level. the most demanding HD video applications. The ADA4417-3 is available in a 10-lead MSOP package and is

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