Part # MAX7387-MAX7388 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX7387 88 DS

Part Details:

19-3896; Rev 1; 1/06 System Monitoring Oscillator with Watchdog and Power Fail MAX7387/MAX7388 General Description Features The MAX7387/MAX7388 replace ceramic resonators, Robust Microcontroller Clock and Supervisor in a crystals, and supervisory functions for microcontrollers Single Package in 3.3V and 5V applications. Integrated Reset, Watchdog, and Power-Fail The MAX7387/MAX7388 provide a clock source togetherwith integrated reset, watchdog, and power-fail func- Functions tions. The watchdog timer is pin programmable and Pin-Programmable Watchdog Timeout provides watchdog timeout values in the 16ms to +2.7V to +5.5V Operation 2048ms range. The power-fail output provides earlywarning of power failure. The power-fail threshold on the Factory-Trimmed Oscillator MAX7388 is internally set. The MAX7387 also provides a separate watchdog output that is used as a status Reset Valid Down to 1.1V Supply Voltage indicator or to control safety-critical system elements. ±10mA Clock-Output Drive Current The MAX7387/MAX7388 clock outputs are factory pro- ±4% Total Accuracy for -40°C to +125°C grammed to a frequency in the 1MHz to 16MHz range.Four standard frequencies are available. Other frequen- ±2.75% Total Accuracy for 0°C to +85°C cies are available upon request. The maximum operating -40°C to +125°C Temperature Range supply current is 5.5mA (max) with a clock frequency of12MHz. 8- and 10-Pin µMAX Surface-Mount Packages Unlike typical crystal and ceramic resonator oscillator 5.5mA Operating Current (12MHz) circuits, the MAX7387/MAX7388 are resistant to EMI 1MHz to 16MHz Factory Preset Frequency and vibration, and operate reliably at high tempera-tures. The high-output drive current and absence of Ordering Information high-impedance nodes make the oscillator invulnerableto dirty or humid operating conditions. PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE PKG CODE The MAX7387/MAX7388 are available in 10-pin and 8-pin MAX7387srff -40oC to +125oC 10 µMAX U10-2 µMAX® packages, respectively. The MAX7387/MAX7388 MAX7388srff -40oC to +125oC 8 µMAX U8-1 standard operating temperature range is from -40°C to+125°C. Note: "s" is a placeholder for the reset output type. Insert thesymbol found in Table 3 in the place of "s." "r" is a placeholder Applications for the power-on reset (POR) voltage. Insert the symbol found inTable 2 in the place of "r." "ff" is a placeholder for the nominal

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