Part # 5495A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: DM5495 4-Bit Parallel Access Shift Register

Part Details:

5495ADM7495 June 1989 5495A DM74954-Bit Parallel Access Shift Registers 4-Bit General DescriptionThese 4-bit registers feature parallel and serial inputs paral- mode control is high by connecting the output of each flip- lel outputs mode control and two clock inputs The regis- flop to the parallel input of the previous flip-flop (QD to input ters have three modes of operation C etc ) and serial data is entered at input D The clock input Parallel Parallel (broadside) load may be applied simultaneously to clock 1 and clock 2 if both Shift right (the direction Q modes can be clocked from the same source A toward QD) Shift left (the direction QD toward QA) Changes at the mode control input should normally be Parallel loading is accomplished by applying the four bits of made while both clock inputs are low however conditions data and taking the mode control input high The data is described in the last three lines of the truth table will also Access loaded into the associated flip-flops and appears at the out- ensure that register contents are protected puts after the high-to-low transition of the clock-2 input Dur-ing loading the entry of serial data is inhibited Features Shift right is accomplished on the high-to-low transition of Y Typical maximum clock frequency 36 MHz clock 1 when the mode control is low shift left is accom- Y Typical power dissipation 250 mW Shift plished on the high-to-low transition of clock 2 when the Connection Diagram Registers Dual-In-Line Package TL F 6534 ­ 1 Order Number 5495ADMQB 5495AFMQB or DM7495N See NS Package Number J14A N14A or W14B C1995 National Semiconductor Corporation TL F 6534 RRD-B30M105 Printed in U S A Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note)If Military Aerospace specified devices are requiredplease contact the National Semiconductor SalesOffice Distributors for availability and specifications Note The ``Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaran- Supply Voltage 7V teed The device should not be operated at these limits The Input Voltage 5 5V parametric values defined in the ``Electrical Characteristics Operating Free Air Temperature Range

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