Part # LM1253A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM1253A Monolithic Triple 180 MHz I2C CRT Pre-amp With Integrated Analog On Screen Display (OSD) Generator

Part Details:

(OSD) LM1253A October 2000 Generator LM1253A Monolithic Monolithic Triple 180 MHz I2C CRT Pre-amp WithIntegrated Analog On Screen Display (OSD) Generator General Description The outputs are referenced to a DC level produced by theLM1253A Pre-amp, and so are guaranteed to provide stable T The LM1253A pre-amp is an integrated high voltage triple DC operating levels within the system without the need for riple CRT pre-amp and Analog On Screen Display (OSD) genera- additional external feedback components. tor. The IC is I2C controlled, and allows control of all the The IC is packaged in an industry standard wide body 28- parameters necessary to setup and adjust the brightness lead DIL molded plastic package. and contrast in the CRT display. In addition, it provides a 180 programmable period vertical blanking pulse which is usedto blank the G1. Features MHz The LM1253A pre-amp is designed to work in cooperation n 190 two-color ROM based Character Fonts with the LM2453 driver, and provides a multiplexed video n 64 four-color ROM based Character Fonts signal (VideoPlex) interface to enable the DC clamp levels at n Supports a programmable page size with up to 512 the cathode to be varied in order to set up the CRT bias and characters and line definition codes I to allow individual adjustment for brightness. 2 n Support for 2 Display Windows (size of each window is C The Analog OSD has a selectable palette allowing a wide configurable) CRT selection of colors. The preset level of the OSD can be n Programmable start position for each Display Window controlled by I2C to suit different CRT displays. The OSD n Programmable Resolutions: from 512 to 960 pixels per signal is internally mixed with the video signal, before the line in 64 pixel increments gain section, and thus gives excellent white tracking of the Pre-amp n Programmable Character Height, with automatic height OSD with the white color point setting of the video. control with mode change The Brightness settings are also mixed into the video signal n Programmable Row Spacing between each display before the gain matching controls and consequently give character row

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