Part # LM2618 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2618 400mA Sub-miniature, High Efficiency, Synchronous PWM & PFM Programmable DC-DC Converter

Part Details:

Converter LM2618 September 2002 400mA LM2618400mA Sub-miniature, High Efficiency, SynchronousPWM & PFM Programmable DC-DC Converter Sub-miniature, General Description Key Specifications The LM2618 step-down DC-DC converter is optimized for n Operates from a single LiION cell (2.8V to 5.5V) powering low voltage circuits from a single Lithium-Ion cell. It n Internal synchronous rectification provides high provides up to 400mA (300mA for B grade), over an input efficiency in both PWM and PFM voltage range of 2.8V to 5.5V. Pin programmable output n Pin programmable output voltage (1.80V, 1.83V, 1.87V voltages of 1.80V, 1.83V, 1.87V or 1.92V allow adjustment and 1.92V) for MPU voltage options without board redesign or external n 400mA maximum load capability (300mA for B grade) feedback resistors. Internal synchronous rectification pro- n ±2% PWM mode DC output voltage precision vides high efficiency in both PWM and PFM operation. High n 5mV typ PWM mode output voltage ripple The device has three pin-selectable modes for maximizing n 180 µA typ PFM mode quiescent current battery life in mobile phones and similar portable applica- n 0.02µA typ shutdown mode current tions. Low-noise PWM mode offers 600kHz fixed-frequency Efficiency operation to reduce interference in RF and data acquisition n Internal synchronous rectification for high efficiency (91% at 3.0V , 1.92V ) applications during full-power operation. A SYNC input al- IN OUT lows synchronizing the switching frequency in a range of n 600kHz PWM mode switching frequency 500kHz to 1MHz to avoid noise from intermodulation with n SYNC input for PWM mode frequency synchronization system frequencies. Low-current hysteretic PFM mode re- from 500kHz to 1MHz duces quiescent current to 180 µA (typ.) during systemstandby. Shutdown mode turns the device off and reduces Features , battery consumption to 0.02µA (typ.). Additional features n Sub-miniature 10-pin micro SMD package Synchronous include soft start and current overload protection. n Only three tiny surface-mount external components The LM2618 is available in a 10 pin micro SMD packge. This required package uses National s wafer level chip-scale micro SMD

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