Part # MAX4838A-MAX4842A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX4838A DS

Part Details:

19-3979; Rev 0; 2/06 Overvoltage-Protection Controllers with Status FLAG MAX4838A/MAX4840A/MAX4842A General Description Features The MAX4838A/MAX4840A/MAX4842A are overvoltage- Overvoltage Protection Up to +28V protection ICs that protect low-voltage systems against Preset 7.4V, 5.8V, or 4.7V Overvoltage Trip Level voltages of up to +28V. If the input voltage exceeds theovervoltage trip level, the MAX4838A/MAX4840A/ Drives Low-Cost nMOS FET MAX4842A turn off the low-cost external n-channel Internal 50ms Startup Delay FET(s) to prevent damage to the protected components. An internal charge pump eliminates the need for external Internal Charge Pump capacitors and drives the FET gate for a simple, Undervoltage Lockout robust solution. ±15kV ESD-Protected Input The MAX4838A has a 7.4V overvoltage threshold, and Voltage Fault FLAG Indicator the MAX4840A has a 5.8V overvoltage threshold. TheMAX4842A has a 4.7V overvoltage threshold. The 6-Pin SC70 and µDFN Packages MAX4838A/MAX4840A have an undervoltage-lockout Lead Free (UVLO) threshold of 3.25V, while the MAX4842A has aUVLO of 2.5V. In addition to the single FET configura-tion, the devices can be configured with back-to-back Ordering Information external FETs to prevent currents from being back-dri-ven into the adapter. PIN- TOP PKG PART On power-up, the device waits for 50ms before driving PACKAGE MARK CODE GATE high. FLAG is held low for an additional 50ms MAX4838AEXT+T 6 SC70 ACY X6S-1 after GATE goes high before deasserting. The MAX4838AELT+ 6 µDFN KU L611-1 MAX4838A/MAX4840A/MAX4842A have an open-drainFLAG output. The FLAG output asserts immediately to MAX4840AEXT+T 6 SC70 ACZ X6S-1 an overvoltage fault. MAX4840AELT+

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