Part # XBee XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Modules datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Digi International

Digi International

Part Description: XBee DigiMesh 2.4 OEM zigbee RF Modules RF Module Operation RF Module Configuration

Part Details:

XBee®/XBee-PRO® DigiMeshTM 2.4 OEM RF Modules XBee® DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Modules RF Module Operation RF Module Configuration OEM RF Modules by Digi International Firmware version: 8x0x XBee DigiMesh 2.4 Digi International Inc.11001 Bren Road EastMinnetonka, MN 55343 877 912-3444 or 952 912-3444 90000991_A9/12/2008 XBee/XBeePRO DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Modules. © 2008 Digi International, Inc. All rights reserved No part of the contents of this manual may be transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of Digi International, Inc. XBee®/XBeePRO® and DigiMesh are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digi International, Inc. Technical Support: Phone: (801) 7659885 Live Chat: Online support: © 2008 Digi International, Inc. 2 XBee®/XBeePRO® DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Modules Contents Canada (IC) 39 1. XBee/XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Labeling Requirements 39 Modules 4 Japan 39 Key Features 4Worldwide Acceptance 4 Labeling Requirements 39 Specifications 5Mechanical Drawings 6Mounting Considerations 6Pin Signals 7Electrical Characteristics 8 2. RF Module Operation 9 Serial Communications 9 UART Data Flow 9Serial Buffers 9Serial Flow Control 10API Operation 11 Modes of Operation 12 Idle Mode 12Transmit Mode 12Receive Mode 12Command Mode 13 3. XBee/XBee-PRO® DigiMesh 2.4 14 DigiMesh Networking 14DigiMesh Feature Set 14Data Transmission and Routing 14 Unicast Addressing 14Broadcast Addressing 14Routing 15Route Discovery 15Sleeping Routers 15Operation 16 4. DigiMesh 2.4 Command Reference Tables 19 API Operation 24 API Frame Specifications 24API Frames 25 Appendix A: Definitions 34Appendix B: Agency Certifications 35 United States (FCC) 35 OEM Labeling Requirements 35FCC Notices 35FCC-Approved Antennas (2.4 GHz) 35 Europe (ETSI) 38 OEM Labeling Requirements 38Restrictions 38Declarations of Conformity 38Approved Antennas 39 © 2008 Digi Internaitonal, Inc. 3 Document Outline 1. XBee/XBee-PRO DigiMesh 2.4 OEM RF Modules Key Features Worldwide Acceptance Specifications

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