Part # ADM6711 AD6713 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: ADM6711/ADM6713 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 4-Lead SC70 Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 4-Lead SC70 ADM6711/ADM6713 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMS Specified over temperature ADM6711 Low power consumption (12 A) Precision monitoring of 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, VCC RESET GENERATOR RESET and 5 V power supply voltages V 240ms REF Reset timeout period of 140 ms (minimum) Manual reset input Output stages MR DEBOUNCE GND 011 54- Push-pull RESET output (ADM6711) 037 Open-drain RESET output (ADM6713) Figure 1. Reset assertion down to 1 V VCC ADM6713 Power supply glitch immunity 4-lead SC70 package VCC RESET GENERATOR RESET APPLICATIONS VREF 240ms Microprocessor systems Computers MR DEBOUNCE GND 010 Controllers 4-7503 Intelligent instruments Figure 2. Automotive systems GENERAL DESCRIPTION The ADM6711/ADM6713 are reset generator circuits suitable The parts are highly reliable with accurate voltage references for use in microprocessor-based systems. They provide a reset and immunity to fast, negative-going transients on VCC. Low signal on power-up, power-down, and whenever the supply

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