Part # AD7911 AD7921 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7911/AD7921 2-Channel 2.35 V to 5.2 V 250 kSPS 10-/12-Bit ADCs Data Sheet (REV. 0)

Part Details:

2-Channel, 2.35 V to 5.25 V 250 kSPS, 10-/12-Bit ADCs AD7911/AD7921 FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM VDD Fast throughput rate: 250 kSPS Specified for VDD of 2.35 V to 5.25 V Low power: V 4 mW typ at 250 kSPS with 3 V supplies IN0 10-/12-BIT MUX T/H SUCCESSIVE 13.5 mW typ at 250 kSPS with 5 V supplies APPROXIMATION VIN1 ADC Wide input bandwidth: 71 dB minimum SNR at 100 kHz input frequency Flexible power/serial clock speed management No pipeline delays SCLK High speed serial interface: CS SPI®/QSPITM/MICROWIRETM/DSP compatible AD7911/AD7921 CONTROL LOGIC DOUT Standby mode: 1 µA maximum DIN 8-lead TSOT package 8-lead MSOP package 04350-0-001 GND APPLICATIONS Figure 1. Battery-powered systems: Personal digital assistants The AD7911/AD7921 use advanced design techniques to Medical instruments achieve very low power dissipation at high throughput rates. Mobile communications Instrumentation and control systems The reference for the part is taken internally from VDD, thereby Data acquisition systems allowing the widest dynamic input range to the ADC. The High speed modems analog input range for the part, therefore, is 0 to VDD. The Optical sensors conversion rate is determined by the SCLK signal. GENERAL DESCRIPTION

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