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ST Microelectronics

Part Description: M28WxxxFS Flash Memory VHDL Model User Manual

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UM0155 USER MANUAL M28WXXXFS Flash Memory VHDL Models V1.0 Introduction This project provides a VHDL behavioral model for M28W320FST, M28W320FSB, M28W640FST andM28W640FSB Flash Memory devices. These Flash memories will be referred to as M28WXXXFSthroughout the document unless otherwise specified. To provide a more complete example of a VHDL project, other files are also included as shown inFigure 1. Figure 1. Project Tree ST_M28WXXXFS_V1.0 Delivery Package Code file folder: Contains the various components that control the M28WXXXFS device Library file folder: Contains constant definitions and utility functions and tasks used in the modules Documentation file folder: Contains datasheets and application notes Simulation file folder: Contains script for launching the simulation and corresponding memory files Stimuli and Testbench file folder: Contains operational device conditions and CUI commands Testbench.vhd :Testbench VHDL file Ai11620 Warning: These VHDL models are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Device Summary The M28W320FS and M28W640FS are 32 Mbit (2Mbit x 16) and 64 Mbit (4Mbit x 16) Secure Flashmemories. The devices can be erased electrically at block level and programmed in-system on a Word-by-Word basis using a 2.7V to 3.6V VDD supply for the circuitry and a 1.65V to 3.6V VDDQ supply for theInput/Output pins. An optional 12V VPP power supply is provided to speed up customer programming. The M28W320FS and M28W640FS feature 32Mbit and 64 Mbits respectively and have an asymmetricalblock architecture with 4 KWord Parameter Blocks and 32 KWord Main Blocks. The M28W320FST andM28W640FST have the Parameter Blocks at the top of the memory address space while theM28W320FSB and M28W640FSB locate the Parameter Blocks starting from the bottom. All devices are equipped with hardware and software block protection features to avoid unwantedprogram/erase (modify) or read of the Flash memory content: Hardware Protection: When VPP VPPLK, all blocks are protected against program or erase. Software Protection using KRYPTO Security Features: Modify Protection (volatile and nonvolatile) and Read Protection. Rev. 1 August 2005 1/7 7 1 VHDL behavioural model UM0155 - USER MANUAL 1 VHDL behavioural model The M28WXXXFS (V1.0) VHDL behavioural model implements the device functions listed in the datasheet for the specific M28WXXXFS device. Please visit to obtain the most recent version. 1.1 VHDL model delivery package organization The VHDL Model Delivery Package (ST_ M28WXXXFS_V1.0.tar.gz) includes a main directory (ST_M28WXXXFS_V1.0) containing five sub-directories and their related files as shown in Figure 1. 1.2 VHDL testbench and stimuli files The VHDL Model Delivery Package contains a testbench file (Testbench.vhd) and stimuli files in VHDL format. The stimuli files cover many operational conditions of the device, and in particular, the Command User Interface (CUI) commands. The testbench and the stimuli files are written using the standard VHDL version. This module was validated using a Cadence NC-SIM 5.4 simulator. The use of this model with other simulators is not guaranteed. 1.3 Components The m28wxxxfs.vhd file in the code directory contains the following components: Time_Entity checks all timing constraints CFIMemory_entity implements the CUI Electronic Signature Command

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User Manual M28W320FSB M28W320FST M28W320FSU M28W640FSB M28W640FSU M28W640FST UM0155.pdf Datasheet