Part # LMX2353 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LMX2353 PLLatinum Fractional N Single 2.5 GHz Low Power Frequency Synthesizer

Part Details:

LMX2353 January 2001 LMX2353 PLLatinum PLLatinumTM Fractional N Single 2.5 GHz Low PowerFrequency Synthesizer General Description Features TM The LMX2353 is a monolithic integrated fractional N fre- n 2.7 V ­ 5.5 V operation quency synthesizer, designed to be used in a local oscillator n Low Current Consumption Fractional subsystem for a radio transceiver. It is fabricated using Na- I = 5.5 mA typ at V = 3.0 V CC CC tional s 0.5µ ABiC V silicon BiCMOS process. The LMX2353 n Programmable or Logical Power Down Mode contains dual modulus prescalers along with modulo 15 or I = 5 µA typ at V = 3.0 V CC CC 16 fractional compensation circuitry in the N divider. A 16/17 n Modulo 15 or 16 fractional N divider or 32/33 prescale ratio can be selected for the LMX2353. Supports ratios of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 15, or 16 Using a fractional N phase locked loop technique, the n Programmable charge pump current levels LMX2353 can generate very stable low noise control signals 100 µA to 1.6 mA in 100 µA steps for UHF and VHF voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs). N n Digital Filtered Lock Detect The LMX2353 has a highly flexible 16 level programmable Single charge pump which supplies output current magnitudes from Applications 100 µA to 1.6 mA. Two uncommitted CMOS outputs can beused to provide external control signals, or configured to n Portable wireless communications (PCS/PCN, cordless) FastLockTM mode. Serial data is transferred into the n Zero blind slot TDMA systems LMX2353 via a three wire interface (Data, LE, Clock). Supply n Cellular and Cordless telephone systems 2.5 voltage can range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The LMX2353 fea- n Spread spectrum communication systems (CDMA) tures very low current consumption; typically 5.5 mA at 3.0V. n Cable TV Tuners (CATV) GHz The LMX2353 is available in a 16-pin TSSOP or a 16-pinCSP surface mount plastic package.

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