Part # LNBP21 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: LNBP supply and control IC with step-up converter and I²C interface

Part Details:

LNBP21 LNBP SUPPLY AND CONTROL IC WITH STEP-UP CONVERTER AND I2C INTERFACE s COMPLETE INTERFACE BETWEEN LNB AND I2CTM BUS s BUILT-IN DC/DC CONTROLLER FOR SINGLE 12V SUPPLY OPERATION s ACCURATE BUILT-IN 22KHz TONE OSCILLATOR s SUITS WIDELY ACCEPTED STANDARDS PowerSO-20 SO-20 s FAST OSCILLATOR START-UP FACILITATES DiSEqCTM ENCODING s BUILT-IN 22KHz TONE DETECTOR SUPPORTS BI-DIRECTIONAL DiSEqCTM DESCRIPTION s LOOP-THROUGH FUNCTION FOR SLAVE Intended for analog and digital satellite STB OPERATION receivers/SatTV, sets/PC cards, the LNBP21 is a s LNB SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION AND monolithic voltage regulator and interface IC, DIAGNOSTIC assembled in SO-20 and PowerSO-20, s CABLE LENGTH DIGITAL COMPENSATION specifically designed to provide the power and the s INTERNAL OVER TEMPERATURE 13/18V, 22KHz tone signalling to the LNB down PROTECTION converter in the antenna or to the multiswitch box. s ESD RATING 4KV ON POWER In this application field, it offers a complete INPUT-OUTPUT PINS solution with extremely low component count, low Figure 1: Block Diagram LNBP21 Gate LT1 Sense Feedback Step-up Controller LT2 Vup OUT Vcc

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LNBP21.pdf Datasheet