Part # TDA7518 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics


Part Details:

TDA7518 MULTICHIP MODULE FOR CAR-RADIO APPLICATIONS 1 FEATURES Figure 1. Package HIGH-PERFORMANCE ELECTRICALLY ADJUSTED FRONT-END FOR AM/FM RECEIVERS HIGH-SPEED PLL FOR OPTIMIZED RDS APPLICATIONS IF COUNTER WITH SEARCH-STOP SIGNAL TQFP144 IF BANDWIDTH CONTROL FUNCTION Table 1. Order Codes INTEGRATED AM AND FM DEMODULATORS ADJUSTMENT-FREE STEREODECODER Part Number Temp. range Package AM/FM NOISE BLANKERS TDA7518 -40°C to +85°C TQFP144 PROGRAMMABLE MULTIPATH AND QUALITY DETECTORS The following three devices are included (please 3 STEREO AND 3 MONO INPUTS WITH FULL refer to the relevant datasheet for specifications): MIXING CAPABILITY ­ TDA7511, AM/FM tuner with fully integrated BASS, TREBLE AND LOUDNESS CONTROLS tuning PLL, FM demodulator and IF band- DYNAMIC COMPRESSION STAGE width control 4 INDEPENDENT SPEAKER OUTPUTS ­ TDA7412, digitally controlled stereodecoder 1Kbit EEPROM and audioprocessor featuring AM/FM noise FULL I2C-BUS CONTROL blanking, multipath and quality detectors;bass, treble, loudness controls as well as dy- 2 DESCRIPTION namic level compression with 3 stereo and 3 The TDA7518 multichip module combines in a sin- mono fully mixable inputs and four indepen- gle compact 144-pin package the full functionality dent speaker outputs. of a state-of-the-art car-radio AM/FM tuner (fromantenna input to processed audio output, plus EE- ­ M24C01, 128 x 8 bit EEPROM PROM for setup storage) with a minimized number All chips are I2C-bus controlled. of required external components. Obsolete Product(s) - Obsolete Product(s) Rev. 1 October 2004 1/8

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