Part # AD7533 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD7533 CMOS Low Cost 10-Bit Multiplying DAC Data Sheet (Rev. C)

Part Details:

CMOS Low Cost, 10-Bit Multiplying DAC AD7533 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Low cost 10-bit DAC The AD7533 is a low cost, 10-bit, 4-quadrant multiplying DAC Low cost AD7520 replacement manufactured using an advanced thin-film-on-monolithic- Linearity: ½ LSB, 1 LSB, or 2 LSB CMOS wafer fabrication process. Low power dissipation Pin and function equivalent to the AD7520 industry standard, Full 4-quadrant multiplying DAC the AD7533 is recommended as a lower cost alternative for old CMOS/TTL direct interface AD7520 sockets or new 10-bit DAC designs. Latch free (protection Schottky not required) Endpoint linearity AD7533 application flexibility is demonstrated by its ability to interface to TTL or CMOS, operate on 5 V to 15 V power, and provide proper binary scaling for reference inputs of either APPLICATIONS positive or negative polarity. Digitally controlled attenuators Programmable gain amplifiers Function generation Linear automatic gain controls FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM 10k 10k 10k VREF 20k 20k 20k 20k 20k S1 S2 S3 SN IOUT2 IOUT1 10k RFB BIT 1 (MSB) BIT 2 BIT 3 BIT 10 (LSB)

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