Part # MAX6332-MAX6334 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX6332 33 34 DS

Part Details:

19-1411; Rev 2; 12/05 3-Pin, Ultra-Low-Voltage, Low-Power µP Reset Circuits MAX6332/MAX6333/MAX6334 General Description Features The MAX6332/MAX6333/MAX6334 microprocessor (µP) Ultra-Low 0.7V Operating Supply Voltage supervisory circuits monitor the power supplies in 1.8Vto 3.3V µP and digital systems. They increase circuit Low 3.3µA Supply Current reliability and reduce cost by eliminating external com- Precision Monitoring of 1.8V and 2.5V Power- ponents and adjustments. Supply Voltages These devices perform a single function: they assert a Reset Thresholds Available from 1.6V to 2.5V, reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage declinesbelow a preset threshold, keeping it asserted for a pre- in Approximately 100mV Increments set timeout period after VCC has risen above the reset Fully Specified over Temperature threshold. The only difference among the three devices is their output. The MAX6333 (push/pull) and MAX6334 Three Power-On Reset Pulse Widths Available (open-drain) have an active-low RESET output, while (1ms min, 20ms min, 100ms min) the MAX6332 (push/pull) has an active-high RESET out- Low Cost put. The MAX6332/MAX6333 are guaranteed to be inthe correct state for V Three Available Output Structures: Push/Pull CC down to 0.7V. The MAX6334 is guaranteed to be in the correct state for VCC down to RESET, Push/Pull RESET, Open-Drain RESET 1.0V. Guaranteed RESET/RESET Valid to VCC = 0.7V The reset comparator in these ICs is designed to ignore (MAX6332/MAX6333) fast transients on VCC. Reset thresholds are factory-trimmable between 1.6V and 2.5V, in approximately Power-Supply Transient Immunity 100mV increments. There are 15 standard versions No External Components available (2,500 piece minimum-order quantity); con-tact the factory for availability of nonstandard versions 3-Pin SOT23 Package (10,000 piece minimum-order quantity). For space-criti- Pin Compatible with MAX809/MAX810 and cal applications, the MAX6332/MAX6333/MAX6334 MAX6326/MAX6327/MAX6328 come packaged in a 3-pin SOT23. Applications Ordering Information Pentium IITM Computers PART* TEMP. RANGE PIN-PACKAGE MAX6332UR__D_-T

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