Part # AN1139 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: L6254 - L6268 - L6269 12V DISK DRIVE POWER COMBO IC

Part Details:

AN1139 APPLICATION NOTE L6254 - L6268 - L6269 12V DISK DRIVE POWER COMBO IC by Carlo Vertemara The Devices integrate into a single chip both SPINDLE and VCM controllers as well as power stages. Thedevice is designed for 12V disk drive application requiring up to 2.0A of Spindle and 1.5 of Vcm peakcurrent. A serial port with up to 25MHz capability provides easy interface to the microprocessor. A registercontrolled Frequency Locked Loop (FLL) allows flexibility in setting the Spindle Speed. Integrated BEMFprocessing, digital masking, digital commutation delay, and sequencing minimize the number of externalcomponents required. Power On Reset (POR) circuitry is included. Upon detection of a low voltagecondition, POR is asserted, the internal registers are reset, and Spindle power circuitry is tri-stated. TheBEMF is rectified providing power for the actuator retraction followed by dynamic Spindle braking. Thedevice is built in BICMOS technology allowing dense digital / analog circuitry to be combined with a highpower DMOS output stage. Minor differences characterize the three devices. The L6254 serial interfacelines SDEN, SCLK and SDATA are 5V compatible. The L6268 and L6269 serial interface lines are 3.3Vcompatible. The L6268 is also provided with a slug mounted on the back of the package to improve powerdissipation. FLL_FILTER SPN_COMP PWM/SLEW FLL_RES SYS_CLK BRK_CAP INDEX FCOM VCC CP C H A R G E SPINDLE SEQUENCER FREQUENCY C S A P U M P O U T _ A LOCK LOOP B E M F C T A P P R O C E S S I N G B O U T _ B S W 1 ISO DRIVER S T A R T - U P RE_SYNC ZERO CROSS R S E N S E D E T E C T I O N C O U T _ C DYNAMIC / SPINDLE R E V E R S E ISENSE C U R R E N T S D A T A B R A K E C O N T R O LPWM / LIN V C M C U R R E N T SERIAL R E G I S T E R S C O N T R O L A+ S C L K INTERFACE V C M _ A + PSM / LIN

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