Part # NC7SU04 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: NC7SU04 TinyLogic, HS Unbuffered Inverter

Part Details:

NC7SU04 T October 1995 Revised August 2004 i NC7SU04 nyLogi TinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter c General Description Features The NC7SU04 is a single special purpose CMOS Inverter. s Space saving SOT23 or SC70 5-lead package HS Unbuff The inverter circuit is designed with a single unbuffered s Ultra small MicroPak leadless package stage to facilitate use in crystal oscillator applications. It is s Unbuffered for crystal oscillator applications not intended for use in logic inversion applications. s Low Quiescent Power; I Advanced Silicon Gate CMOS fabrication assures high CC < 1 µA speed and low power circuit operation over a broad V s Balanced Output Drive; 2 mA I CC OL, -2 mA IOH e range. ESD protection diodes inherently guard both input s Broad VCC Operating Range; 2V­6V red I and output with respect to the VCC and GND rails. s Balanced Propagation Delays s Specified for 3V operation n vert Ordering Code: er Package Product Code Order Number Package Description Supplied As Number Top Mark NC7SU04M5X MA05B 7SU4 5-Lead SOT23, JEDEC MO-178, 1.6mm 3k Units on Tape and Reel NC7SU04P5X MAA05A SU4 5-Lead SC70, EIAJ SC-88a, 1.25mm Wide 3k Units on Tape and Reel NC7SU04L6X

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NC7SU04.pdf Datasheet