Part # 100331 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Part Description: 100331 Low Power Triple D-Type Flip-Flop

Part Details:

100331 Low February 1990 Revised August 2000 100331 Power T Low Power Triple D-Type Flip-Flop General Description Features ri The 100331 contains three D-type, edge-triggered master/ s 35% power reduction of the 100131 ple D-T slave flip-flops with true and complement outputs, a Com- s 2000V ESD protection mon Clock (CPC), and Master Set (MS) and Master Reset s Pin/function compatible with 100131 (MR) inputs. Each flip-flop has individual Clock (CPn), s Voltage compensated operating range = -4.2V to -5.7V Direct Set (SD y n) and Direct Clear (CDn) inputs. Data enters s Available to industrial grade temperature range pe a master when both CPn and CPC are LOW and transfersto a slave when CP n or CPC (or both) go HIGH. The Master Fl Set, Master Reset and individual CDn and SDn inputs over- ip- ride the Clock inputs. All inputs have 50 k pull-down F resistors. lop Ordering Code: Order Number Package Number Package Description 100331SC M24B 24-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS-013, 0.300 Wide 100331PC N24E 24-Lead Plastic Dual-In-Line Package (PDIP), JEDEC MS-010, 0.400 Wide 100331QC V28A 28-Lead Plastic Lead Chip Carrier (PLCC), JEDEC MO-047, 0.450 Square 100331QI V28A 28-Lead Plastic Lead Chip Carrier (PLCC), JEDEC MO-047, 0.450 SquareIndustrial Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C) Devices also available in Tape and Reel. Specify by appending the suffix letter "X" to the ordering code. Logic Symbol Connection Diagrams 24-Pin DIP/SOIC Pin Descriptions

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