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IMPORTANT NOTICE Dear customer, As from August 2nd 2008, the wireless operations of STMicroelectronics have moved to a new company, ST-NXP Wireless. As a result, the following changes are applicable to the attached document. Company name - STMicroelectronics NV is replaced with ST-NXP Wireless. Copyright - the copyright notice at the bottom of the last page "© STMicroelectronics 200x - All rights reserved", shall now read: "© ST-NXP Wireless 200x - All rights reserved". Web site - is replaced with Contact information - the list of sales offices is found at under Contacts. If you have any questions related to the document, please contact our nearest sales office. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. ST-NXP Wireless AN2462 Application note STw8009 PCB design guidelines Introduction STw8009 performs digital to analog video signal conversion. It handles 27 MHz clock and data (4:2:2 format of CCIR 601) on one side, and analog video bandwidth on 75R cable on the other side. Register access is performed with I2C link. Three supply lines are needed for core, I/Os and converters. April 2007 Rev 1 1/6 PCB guidelines AN2462 1 PCB guidelines The main PCB guidelines are for digital routing. As the digital processor is supposed to provide 27 MHz of data with a very fast transition time, reflection between STw8009 YCbCr inputs and source can be important. To minimize this phenomenon, the application must include a series resistor close to the digital source on each data and clock line, typically 56R. The direct effect is a better signal integrity for correct clocking by the STw8009. Secondly, for same fast transition time reason, 8 bits of data bus must be routed with a ground line between two adjacent data lines if possible. Otherwise, avoiding adjacent coupling on several centimeters with a minimum of two tracks width between two adjacent data lines, if no ground insulation is possible. This is not suitable for small distances, that is, less than one centimeter. The 27 MHz clock also requires a serial resistor on its source side, and at least this signal must be laterally shielded with ground tracks. On the analog side, a biasing resistor (2K4) must be placed as close as possible to the STw8009 Rext ball (A4). A video output on-board 75R termination resistor is required. This is to have enough dissipation power behavior to avoid linearity problems (0603 size is sufficient). As an example, the STw8009-M01 module is a typical application, which has been routed using four layers and one side component, as shown below in Figure 1 (4x4mm device). Figure 1. STw8009-M01 module The schematic of this typical application module is shown in Figure 2. 2/6 Document Outline 1 PCB guidelines Figure 1. STw8009-M01 module Figure 2. Schematic diagram Figure 3. Data bus and clock part of the routing module 2 Revision history Table 1. Document revision history

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