Part # AD5532B datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD5532B 32-Channel 14-Bit DAC with Precision Infinite Sample-and-Hold Mode Data Sheet (Rev. A)

Part Details:

a 32-Channel, 14-Bit DAC with Precision Infinite Sample-and-Hold Mode AD5532B* FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION High Integration: The AD5532B is a 32-channel, voltage output, 14-bit DAC with 32-Channel DAC in 12 mm 12 mm CSPBGA an additional precision infinite sample-and-hold mode. The Guaranteed Monotonic to 14 Bits selected DAC register is written to via the 3-wire serial inter- Infinite Sample-and-Hold Capability to 0.018% Accuracy face and VOUT for this DAC is then updated to reflect the new Infinite Sample-and-Hold Total Unadjusted Error 2.5 mV contents of the DAC register. DAC selection is accomplished via Adjustable Voltage Output Range address bits A0­A4. The output voltage range is determined by Readback Capability the offset voltage at the OFFS_IN pin and the gain of the DSP/Microcontroller Compatible Serial Interface output amplifier. It is restricted to a range from VSS + 2 V to Output Impedance 0.5 VDD ­ 2 V because of the headroom of the output amplifier. Output Voltage Span 10 V The device is operated with AVCC = +5 V ± 5%, DVCC = +2.7 V Temperature Range ­40 C to +85 C to +5.25 V, VSS = ­4.75 V to ­16.5 V, and VDD = +8 V to +16.5 V APPLICATIONS and requires a stable 3 V reference on REF_IN as well as an Automatic Test Equipment offset voltage on OFFS_IN. Optical NetworksLevel Setting PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Instrumentation 1. 32-channel, 14-bit DAC in one package, guaranteed Industrial Control Systems monotonic. Data Acquisition 2. The AD5532B is available in a 74-lead CSPBGA with a body Low Cost I/O size of 12 mm 12 mm. 3. In infinite sample-and-hold mode, a total unadjusted error of ±2.5 mV is achieved by laser-trimming on-chip resistors. FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DVCC AVCC REF IN REF OUT OFFS IN VDD VSS AD5532B VOUT 0 VIN ADC DAC

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