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Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD9762 Data Sheet

Part Details:

a 12-Bit, 125 MSPS TxDAC® D/A Converter AD9762* FEATURES FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Member of Pin-Compatible TxDAC Product Family +5V 125 MSPS Update Rate 0.1 F 12-Bit ResolutionExcellent Spurious Free Dynamic Range Performance REFLO COMP1 AVDD ACOM SFDR to Nyquist @ 5 MHz Output: 70 dBc +1.20V REF AD9762 50pF Differential Current Outputs: 2 mA to 20 mA 0.1 F REFIO CURRENT 0.1 F Power Dissipation: 175 mW @ 5 V to 45 mW @ 3 V COMP2 FS ADJ SOURCE Power-Down Mode: 25 mW @ 5 V ARRAY RSET On-Chip 1.20 V Reference +5V DVDD IOUTA Single +5 V or +3 V Supply Operation SEGMENTED LSB DCOM IOUTB SWITCHES SWITCHES Package: 28-Lead SOIC and TSSOP CLOCK Edge-Triggered Latches CLOCK LATCHES SLEEP APPLICATIONS DIGITAL DATA INPUTS (DB11­DB0) Communication Transmit Channel: Basestations (Single/Multichannel Applications)ADSL/HFC Modems Differential current outputs are provided to support single- Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) ended or differential applications. Matching between the two

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