Part # LM2991QML datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2991QML Negative Low Dropout Adjustable Regulator

Part Details:

LM2991QML March 2006 LM2991QMLNegative Low Dropout Adjustable Regulator Negative General Description Features The LM2991 is a low dropout adjustable negative regulator n Output voltage adjustable from -2V to -25V with a output voltage range between -2V to -25V. The n Output current in excess of 1A LM2991 provides up to 1A of load current and features a On n Dropout voltage typically 0.6V at 1A load /Off pin for remote shutdown capability. Low n Low quiescent current The LM2991 uses new circuit design techniques to provide a n Internal short circuit current limit low dropout voltage, low quiescent current and low tempera- n Internal thermal shutdown with hysteresis ture coefficient precision reference. The dropout voltage at n TTL, CMOS compatible ON/OFF switch Dropout 1A load current is typically 0.6V and a guaranteed worst- n Functional complement to the LM2941 series case maximum of 1V over the entire operating temperaturerange. The quiescent current is typically 1 mA with a 1A loadcurrent and an input-output voltage differential greater than Applications 3V. A unique circuit design of the internal bias supply limits n Post switcher regulator the quiescent current to only 9 mA (typical) when the regu- n Local, on-card, regulation Adjustable lator is in the dropout mode (V - V 3V). O I n Battery operated equipment The LM2991 is short-circuit proof, and thermal shutdownincludes hysteresis to enhance the reliability of the devicewhen inadvertently overloaded for extended periods. Ordering Information Regulator NS Part Number SMD Part Number NS Package Number Package Description LM2991J-QML 5962-9650501QEA J16A 16LD Ceramic Dip LM2991J-QMLV 5962-9650501VEA J16A 16LD Ceramic Dip LM2991WG-QML 5962-9650501QXA WG16A 16LD Ceramic SOIC

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