Part # LM2202 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: LM2202 230 MHz Video Amplifier System

Part Details:

LM2202 April 1999 230 LM2202230 MHz Video Amplifier System MHz General Description n t , t = 1.5 ns at V = 4 V r f O PP V n Externally gated comparator for brightness control The LM2202 is a very high frequency video amplifier system ideo n 0V to 4V high input impedance DC contrast control intended for use in high resolution monochrome or RGB (>40 dB range) color monitor applications. In addition to the wideband videoamplifier the LM2202 contains a gated differential input black n 0V to 4V high input impedance DC drive control Amplifier level clamp comparator for brightness control, a DC con- (±3 dB range) trolled attenuator for contrast control and a DC controlled n Easy to parallel three LM2202s for optimum color sub contrast attenuator for drive control. The DC control for tracking in RGB systems the contrast attenuator is pinned out separately to provide a n Output stage clamps to 0.65V and provides up to 9V more accurate control system for RGB color monitor applica- output voltage swing tions. All DC controls offer a high input impedance and oper- n Output stage directly drives most hybrid or discrete CRT ate over a 0V to 4V range for easy interface to bus controlled amplifier stages System alignment systems. The LM2202 operates from a nominal n Replacement for the LM1202 12V supply but can be operated with supply voltages downto 8V for applications that require reduced IC package power Applications dissipation characteristics. n High resolution CRT monitors Features n Video switches n Video AGC amplifier n Wideband video amplifier n Wideband amplifier with gain and DC offset control (f = 230 MHz at V = 4 V ) -3dB O PP Block and Connection Diagram DS012591-1

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