Part # MAX8595-MAX8596X datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Maxim


Part Description: MAX8595X 96X DS

Part Details:

19-3485; Rev 2; 7/06 EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE High-Efficiency, 36V Step-Up Converters with TA Derating Option for 2 to 9 White LEDs MAX8595X/MAX8596X General Description Features The MAX8595X/MAX8596X drive up to nine white LEDs Up to Nine LEDs at 25mA with constant current and high efficiency to provide Temperature Derating Function to Allow Fewer LCD backlighting in cell phones, PDAs, and other LEDs for Same Light (MAX8596X) handheld devices. The series connection allows the 86% Efficiency (PLEDs / PIN) LED currents to be identical for uniform brightness andminimizes the number of traces to the LEDs. The 1.7% Current-Regulation Accuracy MAX8595X regulates constant LED current over the Output Overvoltage Protection entire temperature range. The MAX8596X features an Flexible Dimming Control ambient-temperature derating function to avoid over- Analog driving the white LEDs during high ambient tempera- Direct-PWM Internal Filter tures, enabling higher drive current below +42°C. 1MHz PWM Switching Frequency A single Dual ModeTM input provides a simple means of 0.1µF Output Capacitor brightness adjustment and on/off control. Fast 1MHzcurrent-mode PWM operation allows for small input and 12mVP-P Low Input Ripple output capacitors and a small inductor while minimizing Soft-Start Eliminates Inrush Current ripple on the input supply/battery. Soft-start eliminates 2.6V to 6V Input Range inrush current during startup. 0.3µA Shutdown Current The MAX8595X/MAX8596X are available in a space- Pin Compatible with the MAX1561 and MAX1599 saving, 8-pin, 3mm x 3mm TDFN package. TDFN 3mm x 3mm x 0.8mm Package with Applications Exposed Paddle Cell Phones and Smart Phones Ordering Information PDAs, Palmtops, and Wireless Handhelds e-Books and Subnotebooks PIN- PKG PART TEMP RANGE PACKAGE CODE White LED Display Backlighting

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MAX8595-MAX8596X.pdf Datasheet