Part # 74LS260 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor

Part Description: DM54LS260 DM74LS260 Dual 5-Input NOR Gate

Part Details:

DM54LS260DM74LS260 April 1992 DM54LS260 DM74LS260Dual 5-Input NOR Gate General DescriptionThis device contains two individual five input gates each ofwhich perform the logic NOR function Connection Diagram Dual Dual-In-Line Package 5-Input NOR TL F 9824 ­ 1 Gate Order Number DM54LS260J DM54LS260W DN54LS260E DM74LS260M or DM74LS260N See NS Package Number E20A J14A M14A N14A or W14B Truth Table A a B a C a D a E e Y Inputs Outputs A B C D E Y L L L L L H X X X X H L X X X H X L X X H X X L X H X X X L H

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74LS260.pdf Datasheet