Part # TDA7405 datasheet

Part Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics

Part Description: qualizer car radio signal processor

Part Details:

TDA7405 EQUALIZER CARRADIO SIGNAL PROCESSOR 1 FEATURES Figure 1. Package 3 STEREO INPUTS 3 MONO INPUTS DYNAMIC-COMPRESSION-STAGE FOR CD BASS, TREBLE AND LOUDNESS CONTROL TQFP44 EQ-FILTERS FOR SEPARATE FRONT/REAR- EQUALIZATION Table 1. Order Codes VOICE-BAND-FILTER FOR MIXING-CHANNEL DIRECT MUTE AND SOFTMUTE Part Number Package INTERNAL BEEP TDA7405 TQFP44 FOUR INDEPENDENT SPEAKER-OUTPUTS INDEPENDENT SECOND SOURCE-SELECTOR FULL MIXING CAPABILITY 1.2 Digital control: PAUSE DETECTOR I2C-BUS INTERFACE 1.1 Stereodecoder 2 DESCRIPTION RDS MUTE The device includes a high performance audioprocessor NO EXTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS and a stereodecoder-noiseblanker combination with the AM/FM NOISEBLANKER WITH SEVERAL TRIGGER CONTROLS whole low frequency signal processing necessary forstate-of-the-art as well as future carradios. The digital PROGRAMMABLE MULTIPATH DETECTOR control allows a programming in a wide range of all the QUALITY DETECTOR OUTPUT filter characteristics. Also the stereodecoder part offersseveral possibilities of programming especially for theadaptation to different IF-devices. Figure 2. BLOCK DIAGRAM REV. 2 May 2004 1/57 TDA7405 Table 2. SUPPLY Symbol Parameter Test Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit Vs

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