Part # AD1839A datasheet

Part Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Analog Devices

Part Description: AD1839A 2 ADC 6 DAC 96 kHz 24-Bit Sigma-Delta Codec Data Sheet (REV. B)

Part Details:

2 ADC, 6 DAC, 96 kHz, 24-Bit Sigma-Delta Codec AD1839A FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION 5 V stereo audio system with 3.3 V tolerant digital interface The AD1839A is a high performance single-chip codec that Supports up to 96 kHz sample rates features three stereo DACs and one stereo ADC. Each DAC 192 kHz sample rate available on 1 DAC comprises a high performance digital interpolation filter, a Supports 16-/20-/24-bit word lengths multibit - modulator featuring Analog Devices patented Multibit - modulators with perfect differential linearity technology, and a continuous-time voltage-out analog section. restoration for reduced idle tones and noise floor Each DAC has independent volume control and clickless mute Data-directed scrambling DACs--least sensitive to jitter functions. The ADC comprises two 24-bit conversion channels Single-ended output with multibit - modulators and decimation filters. ADCs: -95 dB THD + N, 105 dB SNR and dynamic range DACs: -92 dB THD + N, 108 dB SNR and dynamic range The AD1839A also contains an on-chip reference with a On-chip volume controls per channel with 1024-step linear nominal value of 2.25 V. scale The AD1839A contains a flexible serial interface that allows DAC and ADC software controllable clickless mutes glueless connection to a variety of DSP chips, AES/EBU Digital de-emphasis processing receivers, and sample rate converters. The AD1839A can be Supports 256 × fS, 512 × fS, and 768 × fS master mode clocks configured in left-justified, right-justified, I2S, or DSP compati- Power-down mode and soft power-down mode ble serial modes. Control of the AD1839A is achieved by means Flexible serial data port with right-justified, left-justified, of an SPI® compatible serial port. While the AD1839A can be I2S compatible, and DSP serial modes operated from a single 5 V supply, it also features a separate TDM interface mode supports 8-in/8-out operation using a single SHARC® SPORT supply pin for its digital interface that allows the device to be 52-lead MQFP plastic package interfaced to other devices using 3.3 V power supplies. The AD1839A is available in a 52-lead MQFP package and is APPLICATIONS specified for the -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range. DVD video and audio players Home theater systems Automotive audio systems Audio/visual receivers Digital audio effects process FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM DVDD DVDD ODVDD ALRCLK ABCLK ASDATA CCLK CLATCH CIN COUT

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